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  • Japanese Medical School Museum Exhibits Vivisection Display on American POWs:(The Japan Time News, 04-04-2015):
  • The Kyushu University in Fukuoka recently displayed an exhibit of vivisection (operation on live humans without anesthesia) on American POWs in their new medical history museum. These are documents in their possession for decades, but never publicly revealed. The vivisection victims were 8 American airmen shot down in 1945 from an American B-29 bomber. They were captured as POWs, and then were vivisected by the Japanese doctors at this medical school. The doctors killed the American POWs by injecting diluted seawater into their veins, removing their lungs or livers and performing other horrific experiments on their bodies to test their limits. To read more, click here

    Kyushu University's medical history museum, which opened Saturday,April 4, 2015,on campus in Fukuoka, is facing the school's dark wartime past by displaying items about the live dissections of U.S. prisoners

  • Exhibit on "War and Medicine" at the 27th General Assembly of The Japan Medical Congress in Osaka in 2007 :
  • This exhibit by a segment of the Japan Medical Congress in 2007 reflects on the morality of Japanese medicine as practiced by Japan's biological/chemical warfare research centers and factories, such as Unit 731, during the 2nd Sino-Japanese War (1931-1945). It is a large exhibit and document of over 120 pages containing a large amount of important information in Japan's possession but seldom revealed to the public. To read more, click here

  • Historians Urge Japan to Set War Record Straight:(The Wall Street Journal: May 7, 2015) :
  • Nearly 200 Western historians have called on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government to address Japan's history of colonial rule and wartime aggression, in a clear rebuke of a leader who has clashed with neighbors over historical issues.

    Among the 187 historians were John Dower, emeritus professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Herbert Bix, emeritus professor at Binghamton University; and Ezra Vogel, a Harvard historian. Mr. Dower and Mr. Bix wrote "Embracing Defeat" and "Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan," respectively. Both books won the Pulitzer Prize and are considered required reading for those studying Japan's modern history.

    To read more,click here

  • Court Acceptance of Wartime Slavery Lawsuit Provides Hope for Survivors(Global Times, 03-23-2014):
  • Zhang Shijie, 88, gave a sigh of relief when his son Zhang Yang told him a Beijing court had accepted a lawsuit against two Japanese firms who forced him and another 37 Chinese people to work as free labor during World War II. "I finally have something to look forward to," he said. To read more, click here

  • U.S. Historians Slam Abe Effort to Change Textbook Dealing with "Comfort women" (The Japan Times News, 02-09-2015):
  • Nineteen U.S.-based historians have protested attempts by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his administration to suppress statements in U.S. and Japanese history textbooks about the "comfort women" who suffered under a brutal system of sexual exploitation during World War II. … In November, the Foreign Ministry told the Japanese Consulate in New York to ask publisher McGraw-Hill for changes in "Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past," its world history school textbook co-authored by historians Herbert Ziegler and Jerry Bentley. … McGraw-Hill rejected the ministry's request, saying that the scholars are aligned behind the historical facts of the issue. To read more, click here

  • Netherland's Foundation of Japanese Honorary Debts' Statement on Recent Beheadings of Japanese Hostages and Actions of Japanese Military during WWII (02-10-2015 Petition letter #243 to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe):
  • "…Many of the surviving Dutch from Dutch East Indies had comparable experiences. Japan has a history of similar military terror whilst occupying and colonizing South East Asia. During that period public beheading was part of their barbaric rule. The Japanese military had no mercy during their regime of terror and abuse. … The fact that the Japanese government still denies any responsibility for these criminal acts during World War II, leaving the victim families behind without condolences and sympathy, makes it even harder to forgive let alone to forget."

    To read the whole Petition letter, click here.

    In addition, to see all the other Petition letters and the mission of the organization, please click: .

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