Ming Bao

March 30, 1991

Beijing citizen submits a proposal to the NPC demanding compensation from Japan

Suggesting that the Red Cross Society authorized to register the losses

[By reporter Huang Hanjun from Beijing] The other day, a Beijing citizen submited a proposal to the NPC Standing Committee, suggesting that the Red Cross Society of China is authorized to investigate and register the Chinese people who were innocently killed or persecuted by Japanese invaders during the World War II, record the property losses, develop a compensation plan according to international law and practice, and seek damage compensation from Japan through various means in order to settle the historical issue within this century.

  Tong Zeng is the Beijing citizen who made the above suggestions to the NPC. It’s learned that the above proposal has been submitted to the General Office of the NPC Standing Committee the day before yesterday. Tong Zeng hopes that NPC representatives in Beijing can make a proposal concerning the issue of demanding compensation from Japan and submit it to this session of the National People’s Congress for discussion.